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Satellite-based remote-sensing and scalable software, integrated to tackle climate changes.

Hydroelectric Power Plant
Hydroelectric Power Station
Trees From Above
Construction Site
Aerial View of Containers
Winding Forest Road
Forest Aerial View
Girl with Tablet
View from the Park
Crop Field Aerial Shot



Climate-Eyes is a startup, founded in 2021 with a mission to provide a cloud based Decision Support System (DSS) to tackle climate change challenges.

In 2021 Climate-Eyes won the Desertech competition with DSS for soil erosion mitigation.
In 2022 Climate-Eyes developed a SAAS product for Precision-Agriculture which provides farmers with actionable insights an
d ecological recommendation using online data, field data and satellite images.

In 2023 Climate-Eyes developed a set of extended capabilities in remote sensing for water resources management, water quality and infrastructure safety.

Climate-Eyes goal in 2024 is to leverage the existing capabilities to the water and utilities markets and in other climate verticals such as forestry, carbon, urban.



Satellite-based remote-sensing, GIS modelling, combined with scalable cloud and AI





Scalability: Remote Sensing
Primary source: Satellite images providing a scalable solution for mass scale measurements




Ecological Expertise & field experience
Enable understanding the information, and provide secondary inputs



Intelligence: AI and Cloud
Intelligence and analytics in the cloud using ecological know-how, AI and SAAS-based models

Climate-Eyes logo.jpg
Earth from Space
Trees From Above

Sir David Attenborough, at COP26

"We need to rewrite our story to turn this tragedy into a triumph.

We are after all the greatest problem solvers to have ever existed on earth"


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